It’s common to spend time for gaming after college hours but it’s even more fun to play in the college grounds Think about it???


  • Only one person
  • The tournament sequence will be set on the day of the event so as to accommodate all the teams.
  • Every match is a knockout match. 
  • Each half will last for 4 minutes. Roughly 10 minutes per match. (Penalties in case of a draw).
  • Teams are allotted based on the choice of the participants. 
  •  The teams are final and cannot be changed.
  •  All matches will be played on FIFA 18TM.
  • Two consoles will simultaneously be used.
  • If any participant is not present at the time of the match the rival will be announced as the   winner of that match by default.
  •  Any technical fault or error with the console or the joystick is to be reported immediately to the coordinators. 
  •  Online registrations are to be done prior to the event


  •  Participants should come in neat Formals (No Jeans and T-Shirts are allowed). 
  • Judges’ decision would be final.
  • You will need your college ID for registering on spot before the event during Torq 2k18.