• A team of maximum of two members can be formed          
  • Materials should be brought by the contestants (except launching equipment).
  • The team must consist of students from the same Institute.
  • Pressure for the rocket’s launch is fixed for every round.
  • Same rocket should be used for both the rounds without any modifications.
  • Judges decision will be final and binding.


• The lid of the water bottle in the interior should have a diameter of 2.3cm.


  • One trial launch will be given before the main launch.
  • In the first round, points are awarded on the basis of distance travelled by the rocket.
  • According to the distance travelled by the rocket in the first round, the teams are scrutinised.
  • The qualified teams are only eligible for the second round.
  • In the second round, points are awarded on the basis of Accuracy test(projectile)
  • Special points will be awarded for the aerodynamics and appearance.
  • TORQ 2k18 ID will be provided during onspot registraton
  • College ID is must to register for both online and onspot registering participants


T.Prithivi Raj